Author. Veteran. Survivor.

“Fair or unfair is often a point of view.”

A Legacy

Books emblematic of the uncomfortable reality of poverty, abuse, and ignorance. Dedicated to all who live it and to those working to end it. All proceeds from the sales of Frederick’s books are donated to Boys and Girls Club of America, in hopes of a bright future for all children.

About Fred

Frederick H. “Fred” Savage was born in Millinocket, Maine. After serving his country honorably in Vietnam as part of the 173rd Airborne Brigade, he eventually migrated west and became a true Wyomingite at heart.

Fred worked as a small businessman, construction worker, and construction trades teacher. He dedicated his life to children everywhere. From poetry, to western tales, to his riveting series about child abuse and neglect and even drawing from his experiences during the Vietnam War – it was his story and this is how he told it.

Fair or unfair… HE made a difference.

Whether it was hypnotizing chickens or wrestling a bear, his good humor and love of life made better and inspired all of those whom he touched.

Frederick H. Savage

The Books

Children of a Silent God

Children of a Silent God

Book One in the Children of a Silent God Trilogy

This is a story of five children born into a life of poverty and abuse. By age ten, the oldest boy, Kevin, is drawn to the dark side. Even though his is possessed by evil, there is still a good that cannot be driven from him.

State intervention only adds to the problem when he is thrown into the void of misery and corruption the state calls foster care. Just when it seems that there may be hope, events occur that make it impossible for him to climb out of the ashes of despair.

Walk hand-in-hand with the children and share in their loss as their world falls apart. Journey with Kevin as he learns the art of revenge and comes eye-to-eye with demons no child should ever have to face.

Damned and Destined

Damned and Destined

Book Two in the Children of a Silent God Trilogy

At age eleven, Kevin is rescued, barely clinging to life, from an abandoned cell block at a reform school. He is still an eyewitness to an unsolved murder. Evil men, with nothing to lose, have him marked for death. The problem is, he has total amnesia.

He is coming of age in the harsh world of reality. He learns to lie without batting an eye, steal without conscience, and cheat to win. There is no such thing as a fair fight.

Damned, forsaken, and without guidance, he faces each day as it comes. Endless days and nights of raising hell as a teenager and staying one step ahead of the law, herd him in the direction of a destiny that has been his since childhood.

Soldier of Purpose

Soldier of Purpose

Book Three in the Children of a Silent God Trilogy

The law finally catches up with Kevin. he is offered a choice: serious jail time and a criminal record, or a tour in the military. Guided by forces that border on the paranormal, he joins the Army and deals himself into the ultimate playground fight: a faraway place called Vietnam.

A rollercoaster ride of action and excitement that helps to answer the metaphoric question: what was it like over there?

The 39th Indian

The 39th Indian

This is a story set in the Civil War era that takes the issues of slavery and injustice head on. Colton Sage is an orphaned colored boy, the son of a runaway slave and an Indian woman. Born free into a world of unending prejudice, he is raised and educated on the reservation by a white missionary lady. She never stops trying to do the right thing for people living under brutal military control. Colton grows to become one of the most notorious Indian outlaws in the land: the infamous Black Bat from Hell.

This is a no holds barred account of events that led up to the Indian War of 1862. Colton is captured and sentenced to hang along with 38 others in the largest mass-execution in US history.